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Managing Urges Part 5 Change the Moment
June 26, 2009, 07:00
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Change the MomentAnother way to manage urges to self-injure as suggested by group* member Paige S. is to change the moment. This is akin to channelling emotion only the difference is that you are not creating an outlet that you can develop such as writing music or poetry but rather doing something different in the moment that can impact your mood in a positive way

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Time Out
Description: Before you react to a situation, take a few minutes to calm down. Go to a quiet room or spot and sit down. Deep breaths, clear your mind, and think about the problem.

Feeling: Upset, Depressed, Frustrated
Method: Steam
Description: Feel like a bath or shower? Then hope into the tub and turn the hot water on. No, not enough to scald your skin, but just enough to be relaxing. Focus on the water and let everything else go.

Feeling: Angry, Frustrated, Upset, Aggressive
Method: Sweat it out!
Description: Let’s exercise! Turn up your music and work it out. Have a punching bag? Treadmill? Other exercise equipment? Then use it! If not, then head outside and jog, walk or run. Push-ups, Sit-ups, weight lifting–anything to work up a sweat.

Feeling: Upset, Depressed, Angry, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Harder than you Think
Description: This method is similar to the Body Art method. Only this time, write out something significant. Try putting your friend’s and family member’s names across your arms. In order to cut, you’ll have to cut through their name. It’s a lot harder than you think. Or write the number of days you’ve been SI-free. Remind yourself just what you’ll be losing if you slip.

Feeling: Upset, Angry, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Hair Tie
Description: Keep a hair tie wrapped around your wrist. Whenever you feel the need to self-injure or do something destructive, give it a tug and let it go. Remember, this is supposed to be used sparingly. Flipping yourself too hard or too often can cause bruising and excess pain. Use it with caution.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Creative
Method: Make Me Up
Description: Let’s get pretty! Pour out all your make-up and experiment. Do the funky colors or crazy blush you’ve never used before. Then take some pictures! Keep them on your computer so you’ll have something to giggle at the next time you feel the urge to do something negative.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Angry, Creative
Method: Goodie Box
Description: This is a way to combine a lot of the methods into one. Put everything you need to feel better into one box. Coloring books, construction paper, glitter, some candy and chocolate, CD’s, DVD’s, pictures of your friends, notes, etc… Then when you feel an urge or you’re feeling low, pull it out. Go through everything in there until you’re feeling better!

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Angry
Method: Man’s Best Friend
Description: I have three dogs at home and I love them dearly. And I have to admit that I often vent to Infiny. She always listens and has a kiss for me in the end. So if you have pets, spend some time with them. Play fetch or tug or just snuggle up on the couch together.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Rewards
Description: You’ve been working hard. You reached one month SI-free, made an A on that term paper, resisted the urge to smack your sister up side the head… You deserve a treat. So reward yourself! Whether it be a night of ice cream and cheesy movies or splurging on your next trip to the mall. You have to take care of yourself, too.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Pampering
Description: You’ve been working hard and you deserve a little me-time. So take a hot bubble bath and turn your music up. Eat that bowl of rocky road and watch a cheesy movie. Paint your nails, do your hair, enjoy yourself.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Angry
Method: Teddy-Darling
Description: So we’ve beaten up and abused the poor teddy, let’s do something a little different this time. We all have something from our childhood that means a lot to us. A pillow, blanket or stuffed animal. Pull yours out of it’s hiding place and curl up in bed with it. Try to remember what it meant to you as a child, and take comfort in having it there with you now.

Next: Spirituality

To A Life Worth Living,
Foresteen Forbes, Psy. D.

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Awesome stuff–thanks for sharing such an informed and encouraging post.

Comment by Al

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