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Managing Urges Part 4 Channeling Emotion
June 24, 2009, 07:00
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Channelling Emotion

Today’s methods for curbing urges to self-injure by group* member Paige S. have to do with taking your potentially destructive emotions and channeling them into positive endeavors:

Feeling: Depressed, Upset, Lonely, Creative
Method: Expression
Description: Are you an artist, writer or musician? Then use your talents to your advantage! Create something and allow it to be the channel for your emotions.

Feeling: Lonely, Depressed, Upset
Method: Friends
Description: We all know how important friendship can be, so call up your best friend and vent to them for a while.

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Vent
Description: We have a vent thread* right here! Use it whenever you need to and as many times as you need to!

Feeling: Sad, Lonely, Upset, Depressed
Method: Scrap booking
Description: Need something to do with that box of pictures you have lying around? Then it’s time to use them! Whip them out and start making a scrapbook! You don’t have to have a formal kit to do this. Just a few supplies, a little glitter and some creativity will work! Take the time to remember what was happening in those pictures.

Feeling: Upset, Depressed, Angry, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Body Art
Description: Another great way to avoid self-harm. Get out your pens and markers and draw… on yourself! Anything you want, just be creative!

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Creative
Method: Web Design
Description: Have some HTML or CSS skills? Then show them off! Redo your facebook or Myspace profile! It can be a great stress reliever as well!

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Angry, Aggressive
Method: Belt it Out
Description: Let’s work those vocal chords! Put on some music that gets you hyped and sing along!

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Angry, Creative
Method: Spoken Word
Description: Free verse or spoken word poetry can be a lot of fun. And no, you don’t need to be a poet or a writer to do this. Anyone can! Just go to a quiet place, like your room, and relax. Sit down for a minute and concentrate on how you’re feeling. Now, talk about it. Work on finding a rhythm and cadence to your words. If you have a tape recorder, record your sessions to look back on later when you need some inspiration.

Next: Changing the Moment

To A Life Worth Living,
Foresteen Forbes, Psy. D.

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