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Managing Urges Part 3 Releasing Anger
June 21, 2009, 21:31
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AngerContinuing with my series on methods for overcoming urges to self-harm here are some ways for releasing anger by Paige S.: 

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Pillow Punching
Description: Grab a pillow and lay down the law. 

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Scream!
Description: Have a quiet place? Perhaps somewhere outside? Or just your room when you’re home alone? Then scream! At the top of your lungs, ’til the next door neighbors can hear you, heh. 

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Shred It!
Description: Take some old newspapers and rip them so you have 2 parts. And then, take the parts and rip them by half too. And then again. And again. And again. More newspapers. And again.. etc. After a while when you concentrate on the ripping, you’ll get calm.

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: Car
Description: This is a bit of a combination of the pillow and scream method. Have a car of your own? Or your parents? Then sit down, buckle up, and shut that door. Scream, pound the steering wheel (don’t break your hand), say whatever you need to. Your own little private chamber. 

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive, Depressed
Method: Stage Blood
Description: This method works especially well for urges to self-harm. Have some red food coloring or a red marker? Use it to make the illusion of blood. If you feel like you need to cut, do this instead. Make “slashes” across your arms with the marker and pour the food coloring on there, too. It might trick your mind into having the same effect that SI does.

Feeling: Sad, Upset, Angry, Depressed
Method: Cry It Out
Description: Everyone needs a good cry once and a wile, and sometimes its the only way to get it all out. So go ahead, grab a pillow or stuffy to huggle and cry it out. 

Feeling:Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Angry, Creative
Method: Dolly Dearest
Description: Buy a doll from Wal-Mart (or any other store) or make your own out of cloth–just something simple. Now, whenever you feel like self-harm or some other negative behavior, take out the doll. Cut it. Tear the poor things arm off if you have to. Now, here’s the important part. Sew it back up. Focus on the stitches, on making sure that Dolly will hold together. Keep doing this until the urge passes.

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive
Method: One Dead Bear
Description: Have an old teddy bear laying around that needs a little tough love? Then grab him/her and throw them in the floor. Punch them around. Throw a book, a pencil, a family member (haha) at them until you feel better. Then maybe give the poor guy a little kiss.

Next: Channelling Emotion

 To A Life Worth Living, 


Foresteen Forbes, Psy. D. 

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These are great the only one thing I’d be careful of is pound the steering wheel. I did that and was actually lucky that I didn’t break my hand. Just a thought. I’d actually use hitting the steering wheel as a form of SI. Sorry maybe I’m just being stupid.


Comment by Sabrina Kuchta

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