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Managing Urges Part 2 Distraction
June 10, 2009, 22:18
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Distraction Continuing with P. S.’s  List of Methods Used to Overcome an Urge to Self Injure today’s theme will be  the use of Distraction. Distraction is any method that you can use to take your mind off of cutting. The following are some examples.

Feeling: Angry, Depressed, Upset, Frustrated
Method: Nature
Description: If you live in an area that has parks, mountains, or hiking trails–use them! Grab a buddy or just go by yourself (if it’s safe) and spend a little time outdoors.

Feeling: Angry, Upset, Frustrated, Aggressive, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Music
Description: Head to your room or car, put in your favorite CD and close your eyes. Focus on the lyrics, the music, and sing at the top of your lungs.

Feeling: Upset, Angry, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Nervous
Method: The Poster Project
Description: A lot of us have band posters painting the walls of our room. Or some old posters that we haven’t quite gotten around to putting up yet. There’s no time like the present! So put them up! Focus on how they will look on your wall, how you can arrange them, etc… If you don’t have new ones, talk the old ones down and rearrange them. You don’t want them getting bored on the wall.

Feeling: Upset, Angry, Frustrated, Aggressive, Depressed
Method: Wash It Off
Description: Take a cold shower! Feel the water against your skin–let the cold serve as a distraction. Spend a couple minutes there and then warm up.

Feeling: Upset, Depressed, Lonely, Creative
Method: Culinary Genius
Description: Have a cookbook lying around gathering dust? Then whip it out and start turning those pages! Find a recipe you can’t resist and start working. No cookbook? Then let Betty Crocker do most of the work for you! Get some cake, cookie, cupcake or other mix and get started! And remember to lick the bowl :]

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Giggles
Description: Sometimes you have to laugh or cry. So why not cheer yourself up? Pull out your favorite funny movie and watch it! Read some comics or old MSN conversations between you and your friends. Go on, laugh a little!

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Game On
Description: Any gamers out there? Then prove it! Play your favorite video game! Online games count, too! Or, if you’re like me, break out the Super Nintendo and do it old school.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Picture Perfect
Description: I have to admit it, I love to take pictures. Not just of myself, but of the things around me. So grab your camera and find something beautiful! Strike a pose or go outside. Even take some abstract pictures of everyday objects.

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely, Angry, Aggressive
Method: Bitter Sweet
Description: If you’re trying to cope with an urge and you like spicy or tangy foods, go to your kitchen and find something. A lemon wedge, barbeque sauce. Something to really clench your jaws. Take a bite. That’s right. This works especially well if you like the physical pain or jolt that SI gives.

Feeling: Bored, Angry, Embarassed
Method: The Panty Dance
Description: Strip off those tight pants, put on some Hardcore(Or whatever makes you happy) music, turn it up, and dance. You can do anything from the twist, to moshing with your sofa; Get creative! And don’t forget to take some time, and feel the breeze ;D

Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Another World
Description: Like to read? Then pull out your favorite book or one you couldn’t find the time to begin. Start reading! I know it’s one of my favorite hobbies. And there’s nothing like escaping to another world to make your own seem a little sweeter.
Feeling: Upset, Frustrated, Depressed, Lonely
Method: Crossword
Description: I am not ashamed to admit that I love Crossword puzzles. And you can buy one of those super books of them for really cheap at Wal-Mart of Family Dollar. So buy one and keep it in your room. The next time you get an urge, whip it out and begin the frenzy!

Next: Releasing Anger

To A Life Worth Living,
Foresteen Forbes, Psy. D.

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