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The Great Discovery
May 20, 2009, 21:29
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ThoughtsA valuable resource for when you are trying to attain a goal that seems to elude you is to read the writings of successful people. One of my favorite gurus is Brian Tracy. I think what he has to say applies to people who have the urge to cut as well. Success is however you define it. For some of you it is overcoming the urge to cut.

In his book, “Flight Plan: The Real Secret to Success” Mr. Tracy states, “ Perhaps the greatest discovery in human history—the foundation principle of religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and psychology is that thoughts are causes, and conditions are effects. This means that your thought create your reality. You do not see the world as it is but rather as you are. Everywhere you look, you see yourself. In a larger sense, your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. Whatever think on the inside will be reflected back to you on the outside. If you want to know what is going on inside a person, just look at what is happening to him or her on the outside”.

“For you to change your outer world you must change your inner world. As Goethe said, ‘To have more, you must first be more.’

In other words, to create a different life, in any area, you must become a different person. You must learn and grow and have the necessary experiences that give you the wisdom and insights to live a wonderful life. And there are no shortcuts.

To A Life Worth Living,

Foresteen Forbes, Psy. D.

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